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On Gin Lane - head to the Hamptons in this enjoyable book about self-discovery set in 1957.

Travel back to 1957, a time period when the definition of a successful woman was based on her marrying right and having children. Socialite Everleigh “Lee” Farrows is twenty-three years old. While born into a life of wealth, she grew up having to endure periods of separation from her mother, who suffers from mental illness, and was essentially raised by a nanny in New York City’s The Plaza Hotel. Having had one broken engagement, time was running out to find a suitable husband. She seemed to have found the right one in Roland Whittaker, also from a wealthy family. As the couple is preparing for their wedding, Roland surprises Lee with his new venture: The Everleigh Beach Club Hotel. He has built a luxury hotel on family land in Southampton, New York. Initially horrified by the prospect of having to once-again spend an extended period of time living in a hotel, Lee pretends to be excited. But what truly excites Lee is her love of photography. When the hotel is destroyed by fire, will this tragedy give Lee the chance to reevaluate her life? Exposure to a colony of Bohemian artists in East Hampton, including a noted female photographer, shows her new possibilities as officials investigate the suspicious fire.

Having enjoyed author Brooke Lea Foster’s debut Summer Darlings, set in Martha’s Vineyard, I was happy to return to the past in her new book On Gin Lane. She has captured the time period and the world of the wealthy and privileged. I enjoyed the character of Lee, a creative young woman yearning to escape the country club life she was brought up in, while everyone she knows, and loves is telling her to stay on course. This is just the type of beach read I enjoy.

Many thanks to Gallery Books and Simon & Schuster for providing an advance copy of this appealing book about self-discovery.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Genre: Historical Fiction.

Publication Date: May 31, 2022.

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