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Never Coming Home - a dark, fun joy ride of a thriller.

Lucas Forrester met Michelle while she was visiting England. They married and settled in Boston with her trust fund in tow. The couple appeared to be happy. As Michelle was loving her free-spending life of luxury and affluence, Lucas was biding his time. Lucas was a good husband knowing that eventually her money would be his. But his plan of divorcing Michelle after several years of marriage had been thwarted by a prenup. So the cold and calculating Lucas changed his plan to murder. Once he found the perfect person on the dark web to do the deed, Lucas simply needed to play the concerned husband worrying about his missing wife who he knew from the start would never be coming home. When cracks in his seemingly perfect plan start to show, Lucas realizes that someone is on to him.

Told from Lucas’ point of view, Never Coming Home brings us into the mind of a man who has lived a life of cheating, stealing and lying and has now become a murderer. And because this is his story, we learn about his sad beginnings. Is this guy worth any sympathy? You decide. He rescues a stray dog, so can he be all bad? Once his master plan appears to be falling apart, this thrill ride revs up and becomes such dark fun. Hannah Mary McKinnon’s twisty psychological thriller is a very clever and highly entertaining escape.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Psychological Thriller.

Publication Date: May 24, 2022.

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