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Mr. Perfect on Paper - a sweet story about a matchmaker who hasn't found her perfect match.

Dara Rabinowitz is a third-generation matchmaker. Her modern approach to the family trade is through an app she created called J-Mate, which specializes in matches for Jewish singles. While 34-year-old Dara is very successful, she remains single. An anxiety disorder has made dating difficult as well as her very specific criteria for a husband, which includes him being of Jewish faith. A New York City television news program books Dara and her grandmother (bubbe) for a segment on matchmaking tying into the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. Feisty Bubbe Miriam decides to go off script and reveals Dara's list of qualifications for a husband. Dara is mortified yet the public loves the segment, and it quickly goes viral. It is so successful that newscaster Chris Steadfast turns this hilarious interview into an on-going feature following Dara's search for a husband. But handsome Chris has his own motives. He is a young widower with a daughter and is trying to save his job. And while Chris is not Jewish, neither he nor Dara can ignore the sparks flying between them. When Dara appears to have found the seemingly perfect match, she needs to take a second look at what her heart truly wants.

Jean Meltzer's debut novel, The Matzah Ball, was an entertaining book yet I enjoyed Mr. Perfect on Paper even more. While Jewish readers will be able to nod with recognition to the cultural references and Yiddish words, this is a story that should appeal to everyone. The characters are very endearing, and the story is both very funny and touching as the story deals with loss as well as the search for love. There are some laugh out loud moments during some disastrous dates and some teary moments too. It's worth a look.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Romance.

Publication Date: August 9, 2022.

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Phyllis Pisanelli
Phyllis Pisanelli
Oct 27, 2022

Sounds like a fun book! I have a friend who was raised as a Southern Baptist and married a Jewish fellow years ago. They're still together and she even attends Temple with him. They have 3 kids and grandchildren now. We love them!

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