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Meet Me at the Lake - a swoony, romantic and heartfelt story about second chances.

Fern Brookbanks is searching for her own identity and happiness. Having grown up on her family's lakeside getaway called Brookbanks Resort (think Catskills resort only in Canada) she moved to Toronto in search of her own dreams, vowing not to follow in her mother's footsteps and run the resort. Now in her early 30s, she is questioning if her dreams will ever come true. Ten years before, she met Will Baxter, who she believed could be the love of her life. They promised they would reconnect a year later at the family resort, but Will never showed up. After establishing a life in Toronto with hopes of opening a café, Fern's mother tragically dies. With news that she has inherited the resort, Fern has to decide what to do - sell it or run it. Upon her arrival home, who does she see but Will Baxter, no longer a struggling artist but a successful consultant hired by Fern's late mother to help the property return to its glory days. Should Fern give in to her old feelings even after Will left her heartbroken years before? And what should she do about Brooksbanks Resort, a place she swore was not where she wanted to be?

Author Carley Fortune impressed so many of us with her debut novel Every Summer After, making Meet Me at the Lake a must-read for me and countless others. Well, get ready to swoon again. This enjoyable book is filled with a great cast of characters led by Fern and Will. Both of their lives have had plenty of angst and their reunion is chock full of longing. The book is so well written. There's lots of clever lines and you can feel the emotions building up between two people who have a history of not being able to fully open up their hearts to others. And when Fern reflects upon her relationship with her mother, wondering if she ever knew how much she truly loved her, keep a Kleenex nearby.

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Romance.

Publication Date: May 2, 2023.

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