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Look on the Bright Side - love, loss and second chances within the beautiful backdrop of Cape Cod.

Lark Smith is an oncology resident who is struggling with getting her emotions in check as she gets too close with her patients. She is demoted to the ER while she works to manage her tears. Who can blame her? It's been seven years since the death of her fiancé, Justin and since then, Lark has focused on her career and her large, loving family. Her hope to quickly get back to oncology seems more hopeful when the brilliant yet despised Lorenzo Santini (known as Dr. Satan) asks Lark to pose as his girlfriend at his sister's upcoming wedding (and the events leading up to it) as a comfort to his dying grandmother. Afterwards, he'll make some introductions for Lark with his oncology contacts. While it seems like an easy thing for Lark to do, it gets complicated when it turns out that the Santini family is also a large and loving group (with the exception of their eldest son) and they quickly get close to Lark, including brother Dante, an adorable firefighter.

Author Kristan Higgins has done it again with Look on the Bright Side. Head to Wellfleet and meet the wonderful characters Higgins has created. While the focus is on Lark, this lovely book also delves into the story of her mother Ellie, whose idyllic marriage, filled with lots of passion, may have hit a bump in the road. Lark's landlady Joy comes to Ellie's rescue, and we also learn of Joy's difficult backstory. This book will make you laugh and make you cry.

Many thanks to Berkley Publishing Group for the opportunity to read this highly enjoyable and touching book in advance of its release.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Fiction.

Publication Date: May 28, 2024.


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