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Long Bright River - a gritty crime mystery set amid the opioid crisis.

Long Bright River is a powerful story about two very different sisters. Their mother died of a drug overdose and they were raised by their grandmother, whose heartbreak over losing her daughter left her cold and distant. Mickey is now a cop in the tough, drug-infested Philadelphia area of Kensington and Kacey has fallen victim to a drug-ridden life on these same streets. The two are not speaking except for the occasional run-in when Kacey is picked up for drugs or solicitation. The thought of two, once-close siblings‘ paths crossing only when one is arrested in the other’s beat is heartbreaking. But after a string of murders, Kacey is missing and Mickey is desperately searching for her sister. Alternating between “Then” and “Now” we learn about the sisters’ emotionally damaged childhood and the decisions that put them on two diverging paths. The book starts slow but picks up nicely. It’s not a fun read but extremely engaging with a good level of suspense. You too will mourn the “long bright river of departed souls” who have died from opioid overdoses. Tragic.

Published on January 7, 2020.

Mystery/Thriller/Literary Fiction

4.25 out of 5 stars

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