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Listen for the Lie - a highly entertaining, edgy mystery thriller.

Lucy Chase's life couldn't be worse. Five years ago, her best friend Savannah (Savvy) Harper was murdered and while she was never charged with the crime, Lucy was found guilty by the court of public opinion. Rather than remain a pariah, she moved from her hometown of Plumpton, Texas to Los Angeles to start over, leaving her husband and family behind. When a podcast on the unsolved murdered of Savvy called Listen for the Lie started to get national exposure, Lucy lost her job, and her live-in boyfriend was sure to dump her. She reluctantly returns home to attend her grandmother's 80th birthday celebration where Ben Owens, the true-crime podcaster, is waiting to interview her. But Lucy has never been able to remember anything about the night of the murder and can't explain why she was found with Savvy's blood all over her.

In her adult fiction debut, author Amy Tintera triumphs in Listen for the Lie. This highly entertaining, sharp, fast-paced mystery thriller is told mostly from Lucy's point of view as well as through the podcast transcripts. Ben is good at what he does and pushes for the truth. Lucy, who has accepted that people's minds have already been made up, agrees to open up to Ben even when she has many secrets to hide. She's a great character who is sarcastic, funny and smart. Her grandmother Beverly is another appealing character and is someone who never loses faith in Lucy. The unfolding of the mystery of who killed Savvy was very well done with some good twists and surprises. It's a winner.

Thank you, Celadon Books, for the advance.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: March 5, 2024.

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