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Just Like the Other Girls - an entertaining, atmospheric thriller that will keep you guessing.

The job sounded perfect to Una Richardson. To be the live-in companion and caretaker to Elspeth McKenzie, a wealthy, elderly woman living in a Victorian mansion in Bristol, England. The pay was much more than she’d ever earned. Once she gets the job, she bonds with her employer. Except Elspeth’s middle-aged daughter Kathryn would have preferred to be the one to care for her mother and doesn’t hide her feelings about the young, pretty Una. As Una gets settled, she finds out that there are more than a few secrets being hidden in this creepy house. Including the fact that the woman Una replaced left without a trace. And another previous companion died tragically. Una sets out to learn the truth.

Author Claire Douglas has created a highly entertaining, atmospheric thriller filled with lots of suspense. The McKenzie house is aptly named The Cuckoo’s Nest and there are many people who could be behind the mysterious fates of the young, attractive caretakers. The story is told from several characters’ perspectives and will keep you guessing throughout.

Just Like the Other Girls was previously released in the U.K. and is now making its debut in the U.S.

Rated 3.75 out of 5 stars.


U.S. Publication Date: January 11, 2022.

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