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Improbably Yours - an enchanting story about love, self-discovery, and family secrets.

When Blythe Harmon turned thirty, she appeared to have it all - a career on the rise and a solid future with her boyfriend. But at her birthday party, she learns that she is set to inherit a great sum of money if she complies with the wishes of her late grandmother, Nomi. Leaving everything behind for an undetermined time period, Blythe heads out on a journey to the San Juan Islands with Nomi's ashes and a treasure map which she and her grandmother created when she was a little girl. One of the islanders and his niece soon try to help Blythe find the hidden treasure and the location where she is supposed to bury Nomi's ashes. As the clues of the search start coming together, Blythe starts to discover more about herself as she gets closer to solving her grandmother's puzzle.

Author Kerry Anne King has such a talent for developing complex, interesting characters. Improbably Yours is a wonderfully charming and original book that pulled me in from the very beginning and never let me go. It is a story of love, self-discovery, and family secrets. With a sprinkling of magic. I simply adored it.

Many thanks to the author and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read this lovely book in advance of its release.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary Literary Fiction.

Publication Date: October 18, 2022.

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Phyllis Pisanelli
Phyllis Pisanelli
Oct 19, 2022

Good review! I loved this book.


Linda Moore
Linda Moore
Oct 17, 2022

Very nice review. I have this one coming up fast. Loving the treasure hunt.

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