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I Have Some Questions for You - a thought-provoking mystery.

Bodie Kane is living in Los Angeles and is a successful podcaster. She is invited back to Granby, her alma mater in New Hampshire for a two-week teaching opportunity. It's 2018 and the 40-year-old encourages two of her students to develop a podcast on the murder of Thalia Keith, a beautiful and talented girl who happened to have been Bodie's former roommate. Omar Evans, the school's Black athletic trainer was convicted of the crime and has been sitting in prison sticking to his story of innocence. Bodie takes a new look at the crime and now believes that justice was not served as a racist culture within the elite boarding school may have resulted in Omar being the police's only suspect. A fresh look at the behavior of a music teacher leads to new thoughts on who might truly be guilty of this terrible crime. The visit to Granby also gives Bodie the opportunity to re-examine her youth as an outsider.

Author Rebecca Makkai, a Pulitzer-finalist for The Great Believers, returns with a book that is bound to stay with you. I Have Some Questions for You tackles some timely issues including predatory adults, the legal system, social justice and the #MeToo movement. The multiple timelines and large cast of characters requires taking your time reading. It started slow but the pace picked up. While much of this excellently written book made me sad and mad, I enjoyed it.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller / Literary Fiction.

Publication Date: February 21, 2023.

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Good review. For some reason this book has did not come up on my radar yet. Thank you!

Me gusta

Linda Moore
Linda Moore
08 abr 2023

I started to get this book but figured I had so many I would pass. It sounds good.

Thanks for sharing.

Me gusta
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