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Husbands & Lovers - a compelling tale filled with mystery, heartbreak and love.

Mallory Dunne is a commercial artist and a single mom raising her son Sam in New England. When we meet them in 2019, Sam is off in summer camp and falls ill after consuming poisonous mushrooms. Although he survives, three years later, he needs a kidney transplant. The last person Mallory considers contacting is Sam's father. As she seeks a compatible donor, Mallory's sister Paige arranges a getaway to Winthrop Island at the grand home of a friend. It is there that she sees ex-boyfriend Monk Adams, a world-famous singer/songwriter who is now engaged. Despite their past heartbreak, will their former passion be reignited?

In a seemingly unrelated plotline, the story shifts to 1951 in Cairo, Egypt. Hannah Ainsworth is the wife of British diplomat Alistair Ainsworth, who she married to escape a tragedy from her past during World War II and the Soviet invasion of Hungary. She yearns for a child and enters into an extramarital affair, disregarding the potential consequences. However, with unrest brewing in Egypt, being British may become very dangerous for her and the child she hopes to have.

Husbands & Lovers is a moving and captivating novel. This marks the third book by the talented Beatriz Williams set on Winthrop Island, reminiscent of Fisher's Island on the Eastern end of the Long Island Sound. Williams skillfully weaves a modern narrative with a story set during an interesting historical period. Like her other historical works, there is mystery and intrigue. I have read all of Williams' books including her collaborations with authors Karen White and Lauren Willig. She's a great storyteller and I am delighted to have another book of hers to recommend.

Many thanks to Ballantine Books for the opportunity to read this enjoyable book ahead of its release.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Contemporary & Historical Fiction.

Publication Date: June 25, 2024.

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