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Everyone Is Watching: a locked-room thriller set in the world of reality shows.

A new reality show, One Lucky Winner, is getting ready to air. Five contestants are each vying to win ten million dollars. In addition to the unprecedented prize money, the action will be streamed live with the audience helping to decide who the ultimate winner will be. Cat, a famous influencer, created the show and stays in the background of her Northern California wine country estate. Her assistant Fern does all the heavy lifting. The most seemingly worthy player is Maire, a mother who is playing to help fund her sick daughter's large medical bills. But she is hiding a big secret. Camille is a podcast host and psychiatrist. She too has things to hide. Contestant Samuel is an attorney and part of Maire's past. They vowed never to see one another again. Senator Crowley and Ned Bennett round out the players. As soon as the game starts, it is clear that these five people are going to be subjected to some odd and revealing activities and ultimately could be in danger. Is this a game or something more? Through the present-day story and flashbacks, the reality of the show is revealed.

Author Heather Gudenkauf has created a fun thriller with Everyone Is Watching. Filled with suspense, I fully enjoyed how the story unfolded. It combined the reality show concept with a locked-room mystery, providing satisfying twists and turns. Get out your popcorn.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: March 26, 2024.

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