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Everyone Here is Lying - the search for a missing child reveals a community filled with deceit.

Welcome to Stanhope. It's a nice, safe neighborhood in upstate New York. One where everyone thinks they know their neighbors - but of course they don't. The Wooler family is headed by William, a respected doctor. Husband to Erin and father to Michael and Avery, a young girl with behavioral problems. Nearby is the Blanchard family. Al is no longer the husband wife Nora married. They both are devoted to their children Ryan and Faith, but Nora has found passion in the arms of William. When nine-year-old Avery is reported missing, a long list of suspects emerges. And it appears as if everyone is lying to the police.

You can always count on author Shari Lapena to create lots of suspense in her domestic thrillers. In the perfectly named, Everyone Here is Lying, a group of seemingly nice, upstanding neighbors have lots of things they want to keep hidden. It's a good, entertaining story where the two members of the police investigating Avery's disappearance were my favorite characters. They were the only people who didn't make me shout, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Domestic Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: July 25, 2023.

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