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Daughter of Mine - an enjoyable, atmospheric and twisty thriller.

Hazel Sharp returns home to Mirror Lake for the funeral of her father, Detective Perry Holt, a well-respected member of the local police force, where both of her brothers also serve. A drought in the small North Carolina town, popular with summer tourists, has caused the water to recede bringing to the surface some well-hidden secrets starting with the emergence of an old car. Brothers Gage and Caden, who is married to Hazel's former best friend Jamie, are shocked when their Uncle Roy reveals the contents of their father's will. As Hazel senses odd happenings in her father's home, where she is staying, two townspeople go missing. Could any of this be connected to the mysterious disappearance of Hazel's mother, who left years ago with the family's money and jewels when all Hazel was left with was a short note written to "Daughter of Mine"?

Author Megan Miranda has a great talent for creating atmospheric thrillers. In Daughter of Mine, she has created the ominous setting of Mirror Lake. There are many well developed characters in this small town who seem to know much more than they are letting on and seem to want to keep hidden truths from coming to the surface. But can the sins of the past remain a secret? It's a slow-building, suspenseful story with lots of family drama. You'll be kept guessing right up to the end.

Many thanks to Simon Element | Simon & Schuster | Marysue Rucci Books for the opportunity to read this enjoyably tense and twisty book. 

Rated 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: April 9, 2024.

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