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Can't Look Away - a complex, multi-genre story about love and obsession.

In 2013, Molly Diamond is enjoying life in New York City. She’s working on her MFA, has a circle of great friends and she's excited about what lies ahead. Her life changes when she meets Jake Danner, the lead singer/songwriter in a band that had just secured a record deal. They fall deeply in love and Molly becomes his muse. And Jake encourages Molly to pursue her dream of writing a novel.

In 2022, Molly is living a nice life in an upscale Connecticut town. While she still thinks about Jake, Molly is married to handsome, successful Hunter and has an adorable daughter who is about to turn six. While struggling with fertility issues, Molly enjoys teaching yoga and while a bit lonely, manages to put up with the snooty women of Flynn Cove, who look down at the couple for not joining their fancy country club. When Sabrina moves to town, Molly believes she has finally found a friend. But mysterious Sabrina seems to already know everything about Molly. What is her true agenda? And as Jake is about to release a new album in his quest for a comeback, Molly is forced to face her feelings about her first great love.

Can’t Look Away is a combination of domestic drama, romance and a bit of mystery with some suspense. It is a story about lost love, friendship, jealousy, obsession and the choices we make in life and its consequences. I recommend checking out Carola Lovering’s new book. It might make you wistful for your earlier days, when life was filled with endless possibilities in career and love.

Many thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read this engaging book in advance of its release.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Adult Fiction.

Publication Date: June 14, 2022.

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