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Blindspot - a bingeable, twisty thriller.

Rachel Matthews is a single mother of 17-year-old daughter Charley and an ambitious assistant district attorney in Milwaukee. We learn from the onset that Rachel has been arrested for murder. The events leading up to this accusation begins. While attending a banquet, Rachel meets Liv and Zach Reid, a wealthy couple. New to the area, Rachel invites Liv to her book club and the women become friends. Rachel suspects that Liv might be in an abusive relationship. As Rachel works hard at her job and is being considered for a promotion, she starts to receive a series of threats from someone who is stalking her. She asks a former classmate, who is a private investigator, to help her figure out who is behind these creepy messages as they get more and more threatening. Rachel has great instincts in her job and hopes she can put her skills to work to save herself and her daughter.

Author Maggie Smith has created a wonderfully addictive thriller with her second novel Blindspot, where the suspense is kept at a consistently high level. Rachel is an appealing and realistic character. What working mother doesn't feel torn when a successful and enjoyable job is often at odds with being there for your child? And to have the safety of that child in jeopardy possibly because of your job - what could be worse? I fully enjoyed this bingeable book filled with creative twists.

Many thanks to the author and Puzzle Box Press for the opportunity to read this book in advance.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller.

Publication Date: May 21, 2024

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