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Anywhere You Run - a powerful story about racial injustice and the bond of two sisters.

The 1964 murder of three civil rights activists in Mississippi sets the stage for this incredibly moving book. Sisters Violet and Marigold are two Black sisters living together in their family home in Jackson, having overcome great loss in their lives. But everything quickly changes when Violet is taken to the brink and kills Huxley, the white man who has raped and continually taunted her. She is forced to escape her small hometown in Mississippi with the aid of her boyfriend, a white man who not only loves Violet but also wants to rebel against his racist father. Violet does not love him and runs away while on the road. She heads to Chillicothe, Georgia and changes her name. Violet (now Vera) lives in fear that the Jackson police will find and arrest her. Marigold, who has been working to help Black area residents register to vote, also finds herself in a difficult situation. She is pregnant by one of the attorneys she works with, and he quickly disappears after she tells him. Hoping to keep her good name, she marries her boyfriend Roger, who she is not in love with and knows that he is a bad choice. Marigold and her new husband move to Cleveland and soon discover that someone who is looking for Violet is following her. As the two sisters face unimaginable predicaments, they are determined to help one another and live the lives they know they deserve.

Anywhere You Run is the second novel by author Wanda M. Morris. I thoroughly enjoyed her debut novel All Her Little Secrets. It was a fast-paced, entertaining mystery thriller. This, her second book, is so much more. It's a tense, riveting story that will grab you from the beginning. It will appeal to both fans of historical fiction as well as mystery thrillers. Books about racial injustice in the Jim Crow era are heartbreaking to read but are important to remind us of a tragic time in history, especially since it was not very long ago. The real-life tragedy of the Freedom Summer Murders helped convey the unimaginable horrors that occurred during these terrible times. The fictional sisters felt very real, and through them, Morris has told a valuable and memorable story. I highly recommend reading this book and look forward to what comes next from this talented author.

Many thanks to William Morrow / HarperCollins and Book Club Girl Early Reads for the opportunity to read Anywhere You Run in advance of its release.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Historical Fiction / Mystery Thriller

Publication Date: October 25, 2022.

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