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After That Night (Will Trent, #11) - a terrific thriller in a series that keeps going strong.

Karin Slaughter has treated us to another excellent book in the Will Trent series. Set in Atlanta, GBI Special Agent Will Trent and Medical Examiner Dr. Sara Linton are preparing for their wedding. Three years beforehand, Sara was unable to save a young woman brought into the ER. Before passing, Dani Cooper managed to say that she was raped and wanted her attacker stopped from hurting anyone else. Sara vowed to seek justice for Dani. Three years later, Tommy McAllister, the son of a former medical associate of Sara's, is on trial for the crime. Sara is the lead witness and was grateful that the story of her own brutal rape fifteen years earlier was not mentioned as the case brought up deeply painful memories. It is clear from the beginning that Tommy's multimillionaire parents, pediatric surgeon Mac McCallister and his wife Britt, will not let their son be found guilty. Sara is determined to keep her promise to Dani and involves Will and his partner Faith to help unravel the mystery behind what appears to be a string of related rapes over a span of many years. And there may be some connection to her own rape and brutal attack years ago.

Slaughter has outdone herself in this latest book. After That Night is a graphic, oftentimes hard to read story as it depicts horrific crimes against women. But the way these excellent, complex characters work together to uncover the truth behind these crimes, makes it so worth reading. The backstories of the characters are well integrated into the story so it would be easy to read as a standalone. If you can handle the subject matter, I highly recommend adding this book to your list.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mystery Thriller | Police Procedural

Publication Date: August 22, 2023

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